President’s Appeal-“Light the Lives”

Indian Association of Blood Cancer & Allied Diseases pays tribute and hope to people battling cancer and blood disorders through its programme “Saving Cancer Lives Initiative” in close cooperation with volunteers and well wishers. The uniqueness of the association services is to guide patients through treatment protocol supported by leading-edge research that has a direct impact on improvements to cancer care. The association delivers the full spectrum of cancer care specially blood cancer and blood diseases including prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, research, education, supportive care. The association provides services through its medical care unit “Blood Centre for Children” and Blood Bank and Therapeutic Unit. Volunteers help through advocacy, counselling, HIV/ AIDS awareness and voluntary blood donation programme.
Today, there are more than 12000 patients appeal for medical services a year,85% of suffering children belong to the category of underprivileged, having no means to continue the treatment of dreaded diseases. They receive the services free of cost. The cost of treatment per child per year is Rs37, 800/-.
To help, advance IABCD-“Saving Cancer Lives Initiative” please join us. The association needs a budgetary support of Rs.1,23, 80,000/- to procure medical equipment to strengthen its medical unit for serving the larger community.
Please contribute to serve the suffering humanity with a donation of any amount the way you can and demonstrate the power and willingness to change the world. We do need support.
Best Regards,
For Indian Association of Blood Cancer & Allied Diseases
Amalendu Pal
Honorary Board President