Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion medicine is a clinical subject and, in addition to therapy with blood products, also includes tasks in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of haemotherapy and transplantation medicine measures. The selection and medical care of blood, cell and tissue donors as well as the production, testing and further development of biological drugs, e.g. B. of blood products or cell, tissue and stem cell preparations, is one of the areas of work in transfusion medicine.
Specialists in transfusion medicine not only assess the tissue compatibility of cell, tissue and organ transplants, but also carry out special therapy procedures, such as blood processing directly on the patient (so-called therapeutic haemapheresis). They are also responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with coagulation disorders. Specialists in transfusion medicine fulfil all of this in very close cooperation with other medical specialties. Modern transfusion medicine is therefore a clinical interdisciplinary subject with diverse interactions.