Services to patients and families

Oncology social work programmes shall provide the following clinical and programmatic services:

  • Completion of a psychosocial assessment of the patient and family’s response to the cancer diagnosis to include:
    • Stages in human development
    •  Knowledge about cancer and its treatment including level of under standing, reactions and expectations
    •  Patient and family psychosocial functioning including strengths, coping skills and supports.
    • Characteristics of the patient’s family and/or social and economic environment
    • Ethnic, spiritual and cultural influences and concerns
    • The source, availability and adequacy of community resources.
  • Development of a case plan with patient and family based on mutually agreed upon goals to enhance, maintain and promote optimal psychosocial functioning throughout cancer treatment and its outcome.
  • Utilization of a wide range of clinical interventions designed to address current and/or future problems as the patient’s medical and psychosocial needs evolve.
  • Utilization of high risk screening criteria for case finding and out reach activities.
  • Development of knowledge of cancer, its treatment and current trends.
  • Maintenance of knowledge of community resources and governmental programs available from local and national health and welfare agencies including expertise in accessing these for patients and families.
  • Organization and facilitation of patient and family education.
  • Collaboration with other professional disciplines in the planning and provision of services to cancer patients and their families.
  • Advocacy for and protection of patients’ dignity, confidentiality, rights, and access to care. Development of research based knowledge that relates to clinical issues, interventions and outcomes.